Services to Expect from a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hyde Park

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If you are arrested for a crime, you need a lawyer whether you are innocent or guilty. You should not try to defend yourself since you do not have the legal knowledge that a lawyer can bring to your defense. A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hyde Park can help you with a proper defense in court. The services you should expect will be discussed in the following.

Free Consultation

Whether you or a friend or loved one can go to the lawyer’s office or you need the lawyer to come to you, a free initial consultation is a crucial starting point for your case. During the consultation, your lawyer will help alleviate your confusion, explain what is going on, and offer advice on how to proceed. The consultation is also where you explain what happened in your words and decide if you are going to hire that lawyer. There is no risk in requesting a free consultation.

Legal Advice

Once you choose a lawyer to represent you, he or she will offer up legal advice and defend you every step of the way. Always take the advice provided to you and use it to your advantage. Tell your lawyer the truth and do not leave anything out because you never know what might be important to your case. Your lawyer needs to know everything to build your defense strategy.

Defends You

Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hyde Park will fight for your rights and defend you in court. As long as you follow your lawyer’s advice, you will reap the rewards of a good defense strategy. Each case is different, but the burden of proof is on the prosecution. Your lawyer has to defend you and find reasonable doubt or prove you did not commit the crime.

Depending on what kind of crime you are arrested for, you risk facing jail time, community service, a long prison sentence, or probation. Your lawyer may be able to get the charges reduced, your sentence reduced, or get the charges dropped depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr. & Associates can help you by starting with a free consultation.