Setting Up A Deer Fence In Westchester County

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To some people, deer are beautiful animals. They love to watch them walk across their property in the early morning or later in the evening. To others, deer are pests. They destroy crops and gardens. If you fall into this latter category, you need to consider putting up a deer fence. In Westchester County, this is possible with the help of professionals. Yet, you can also build a deer fence on your own.

Types of Deer Fence in Westchester County

Deer fences come in different types. They tend to be deer netting but this does not have to be the case. Among the most common types of deer fencing are:

1. Plastic deer mesh netting – generally constructed of a durable, high-density, weather resistant polyethylene. The material is usually quite flexible and light. If it is black in color, it will prove to be less visible.

2. Metal core deer netting – the core of the fencing is galvanized metal. To increase its durability and to provide it with some weather resistance properties, it is coated with another substance. This is usually a plastic compound such as PVC

3. Chain link fences – simple if not always the most effective

4. Weld-wire

5. Electric deer fence – This is cheap but very intrusive. It is an eyesore and certainly not an option if you have children or pets of any sort

Usually wood is not used to construct a deer fence in Westchester County. Building a wooden one around your property may keep out an intruder, including a deer, but they are not always effective. Deer can leap over fences of a certain height. They can also enter through gaps in other types of fences. The result can be damage to the property. If the deer becomes frightened and miscalculates, it can also result in harm to the animals.

Fence Posts

Fences do not stand on their own. They require a system of supports. These are usually posts. In the case of deer fences, the aim is to try to make them blend in to the environment. In order to accomplish this, the plastic and metal deer netting are usually attached to bark covered wood posts or black posts. Wood or metal posts often support Chain link and electric fences as well.

When it comes to deer fence, Fencing companies can provide you with both advice and help. They know the area and, therefore, can supply you with useful information. Their knowledge and expertise will let you choose the most effective deer fencing that will still let you stay within your budget.

If you plan to put up a Deer Fence in Westchester County, contact us first. At the Fence Factory, we can help you with all the details. From tools to local by-laws, we can provide you with the information you need. For further details about our services, contact us.