Seven Effective Tips for Getting Your Home Heating Oil Prices Reduced

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Business

The winter is approaching faster than you might have imagined this year. It is now time for homeowners to be aware of ways in which they can cut back on the cost of their heating bill each year. There are a lot of factors that you cannot control that will play a part in the fluctuating prices of oil, however, there are also a lot of factors that you do have control over. By being proactive and preparing your home and your budget for those harsh winter months, you are sure to save a lot of money and stress. These tips that you will find below are quite simple to follow, and very inexpensive to complete, and therefore you should have no problem saving the maximum amount of money this season.

1. The first thing you want to do to reduce your home heating oil prices is to close the vents. There are likely rooms in your home that you don’t use on the regular basis, you can start by closing those vents so that you can conserve on the amount of heat being used. This in turn will allow the heat to travel into other areas in which you are frequently in.

2. Another connection is to make sure that you clean your vents. If your vents are not clean you’re going to turn your thermostat up more than it already is. Blocked vents prevent heat from getting through and therefore causes the bill to go up every time you increase the temperature.

3. Secondly, you need to make sure that you have checked your insulation. You can do this easily by scheduling an inspector to come out to the home. They are able to use special equipment that will allow them to test the areas of your house to make sure that you have sufficient installation and that there aren’t any leaks.

4. This next step should be done before the winter nears. You want to have a trained contractor come out to do routine maintenance on your heating system. By performing the necessary maintenance your heating costs should be much lower this winter, and it will also give you the satisfaction of knowing that your heating system is in working order.

5. You can also consider lowering the temperature on your water heater to about 120 degrees, as it can help to reduce the cost of heating. If you’ve never looked, there are lots of hot water heaters that are preset to 140 degrees which is a boiling hot temp.

6. If you have an older model home, your windows could be the culprit for a lot of your heating issues. Having single-pane windows could allow all of your heat to escape. There are new high efficiency windows available that will drastically reduce the amount it costs to heat your home this winter.

7. Get quotes from other suppliers. Again, you should know you have the ability to receive your oil from any provider that will transport to your home. You can call around to providers to find out what their rates are to make a determination as to which one is the better pick.

These are just a few methods that homeowners have tried for scaling back on their home heating oil prices each year. The internet is a great resource for looking up other money saving solutions.

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