Seven Reasons why Teeth Whitening in Clifton may be Necessary

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There is a lot more to having a healthy looking smile than just brushing and flossing regularly. In order to keep the teeth nice and white, it may be necessary to visit the dentist periodically. There are procedures that can be done at home, but they are often messy, and they don’t work nearly as well as professional treatments. They can also be harmful if not done properly.

It may be that teeth whitening in Clifton is necessary in order to get a bright, white, healthy looking smile. The top six Reasons To Teeth Whitening this may be necessary are:

  • Age -; As people get older, their teeth will darken due to wear and tear, as well as staining throughout the years. The younger a person is, the better the results from whitening will be. By the time a person is in their 40s, it will take more work to make the teeth as white as they were in their younger years.
  • Translucency -; Another dental problem caused by age is thinness and translucency. Teeth that are more opaque are more responsive to teeth whitening treatments in Clifton. Thin teeth don’t have as much pigment, and are more difficult to bleach. Transparent teeth do not respond to bleaching at all.
  • Diet -; Many foods and beverages can stain the teeth. These include coffee, tea, red wine, cola, carrots, oranges, and any other foods and beverages that have a lot of color. Acidic foods can cause enamel erosion, which will also make the teeth look yellowish.
  • Smoking -; It is a well-known fact that smokers have more problems with yellow teeth than non-smokers.
  • Grinding -; Tooth grinding wears down the enamel and crack teeth, which leads to yellowing of the teeth.
  • Trauma -; If someone has an accident and injures their teeth, there could be cracks that will collect dirt and end up staining.

The effects of teeth whitening in Clifton from a teeth whitening dentist can last for many months, and even longer in some cases. This is something that will make teeth look healthier, and allow people to feel more confident about speaking and smiling in public.

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