Shipping Dangerous Goods the Correct Way

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Whether you are a company that handles hazardous or dangerous goods, or are doing a one-time shipment, shipping these items requires a lot of knowledge. While it is legal to ship almost anything, there are certain rules that must be followed and if you do not have this knowledge, you could lose your shipment or cause more problems for yourself. Therefore, knowing what to do and how to do it is important.

Types of Hazardous and Dangerous Goods

Hazardous and dangerous are typically the same, but there is a difference when it comes to shipping. Hazardous materials can include radioactive items, hair dyes, guns, ammunition, cigarette lighters, fire extinguishers, anything flammable, mercury, nail polish, batteries, dry ice, medications and liquids.

Dangerous goods can include acids, adhesives, alcohol, charcoal, electronics, fertilizer, glue, fuel, tea tree oil, chemicals, perfume, printer ink and even some toys.


Because so many things can be considered dangerous, it is best to have someone with which to consult before shipping your items. Many international courier services offer their own inspections which will determine the classification of the item, whether or not it complies with IMDG and IATA regulations and will even come to your door for pick up.

Find a company that will inspect or package items themselves. This is a big deal for shipping purposes because people in customs and those who put shipments on planes and ships will need to know how to store the items and whether or not they should be even more careful with handling. If packages are not packaged correctly, they may be removed from the shipment and delayed.

The type of dangerous goods requiring shipment will also determine how it is shipped. Some items can be shipped on cargo airplanes while others cannot withstand the pressurization of the aircraft and must be shipped by boat. Inspection of the goods will help the company determine how to ship the items.

In other cases, items must come aboard with a safety advisor who knows exactly how to handle them and what to do in case of problems. A Dangerous Goods declaration will also need to be available.

While anything can be shipped anywhere, it is important to understand the importance of shipping them properly so that people do not get hurt or be worried about the shipment. This is especially true with international shipping situations because of customs.

Dangerous goods shipping is a little different from regular shipping needs. Consider Fastway Worldwide Express India to ship your hazardous cargo safely.