Shopping for Brass Fittings

When you need a fitting, you may foolishly think finding the right one instantly will be easy. But with thousands of sizes and types of Brass Fittings being manufactured today, it can sometimes be a hassle to shop for one.

Brass is the material of choice for most fittings because it is durable and strong, yet can still retain flexibility. It is impervious to a wide range of temperatures and resists rust. Brass is an alloy which also contains copper, and how much copper each fitting contains will change according to the fitting and its potential usage. It is not unusual to see chrome-plated fittings as well, although they are typically only used for customized projects.

Fittings are so varied in their sizes and styles because they are used for so many different applications. The most common use of fittings is in the plumbing industry, although there are plenty in the automotive industry as well.

There are simple fittings designed to attach to pipes as well as threaded and flared fittings. In each of these individual categories there are dozens of additional choices to make. When looking for the correct Brass Fitting it is important you have as much information as possible. What the fitting will be used for, whether you need it to be threaded or not, and whether those threads are internal or external, are all important facts.

In some instances, a specially designed fitting will need to be supplied by the equipment manufacturer or special ordered. These are typically complex designs or customized pieces. A customized fitting is not something available everywhere, and ordering a custom piece may delay completion of your project substantially.

However, it is possible to find companies that are able to manufacture fittings, both custom and hard-to-find pieces. These companies understand the need to get your parts quickly and get back to work. Ameriflex Hose and Accessories is an example of this type of company. With years of experience dealing with hoses and fittings for every industry, they can easily reproduce whatever fitting they do not have in stock. Luckily, they also keep thousands of parts in stock so the odds are pretty good when you contact them, they will have exactly what you need.