Should You Get Help From an Accident Attorney in Nassau County NY?

When you have just been injured in an accident, there are often many issues you have to face. This is especially true when the accident was not your fault. Not only are you dealing with painful injuries, but you also have car damages, medical bills and the insurance companies to deal with. This is why many people make the wise decision to hire an accident attorney in Nassau County NY area. An attorney can take a lot of the stress and strain off of you so you can focus on getting better.

When you are first involved in the accident, it is crucial you are under a doctor’s care and you hire an Accident Attorney. Getting under a doctor’s care will allow you to have your injuries monitored. It will also provide you with the medical evidence you need so your attorney can work to prove your injuries in court. The doctor will also help to determine how much compensation you will receive.

As the doctor treats you, he or she will decide on whether you are permanently disabled or you will completely recover. The doctor can help to estimate what type of medical care you will need in the future. Your Accident Attorney in Nassau County NY will be able to assist you in deciding what type of compensation package you deserve in your case.

Once enough evidence has been gathered, your court case will be filed and a date will be scheduled. The case will be heard before a judge and jury. Your attorney will work to present evidence through your medical records, bills, photos, videos and police reports.

When the jury has listened to all of the evidence, they will decide who is at fault for the accident and how much compensation you are awarded. If your attorney has been working on a contingency basis, he or she will receive a portion of the compensation award you receive.

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