Should You Hire a DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs WV?

Most people do not set out to intentionally break the law, but mistakes do happen. If you have been arrested for a DUI offense, it is important you know what to expect. It is also crucial for you to hire a DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs WV. With new DUI laws being put into affect in states across the country, many people find the process to be confusing. To protect your rights and get the best possible outcome in your case, hiring a lawyer can be beneficial.

What Can You Expect After You Have Been Charged With a DUI?

All states recognize a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher to be criminal. If your blood alcohol levels exceed this amount, you will be arrested on site. It is important to listen to your rights as they are being read, so you know how to proceed in getting help through your case. You should first make sure you do not speak as you are being arrested. People who are under the influence often talk way more than they should and end up further incriminating themselves. It is important you do not speak or answer any questions until your DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs WV is present.

Most states have specific laws for when a person is arrested for DUI. If this is your first offense, you will most likely lose your license for a certain period of time and be required to pay a fee and provide liability insurance proof. If you have had prior DUI charges, you could be looking at heftier fines and losing your license permanently.

Many states are now enacting the use of special devices for people who have been convicted of DUI. This device works with your car’s ignition and requires you to pass a breathalyzer test before it will start. If your BAC is over a certain level, the car will not run.

Your DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs WV will work to represent you throughout your case and make sure your rights are fully protected at all times. Though no criminal case can ever be guaranteed, having an attorney working on your side can make a big difference.

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