Sicily Vacations Offer Something Special

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If you would like to visit Italy but want to go someplace a little different than many of the places you so often hear about, Sicily may be the right option for you. Though still a part of Italy, the location of this island creates an entirely different atmosphere than the other parts of the country. You will find history and culture you won’t see in other areas of Italy, making Sicily vacations a new experience, even if you have been to Italy before.

Mt. Etna Tours

Mt. Etna is one of the must-sees in Sicily. Not only is Mt. Etna the highest peak on the island, it is also one of the most well-known volcanoes in all of Europe. When you hike to the top of this mountainous volcano, you will be able to see the sea on a clear day. During the winter months, skiing is available. Whether you choose to hike just part of the way or all the way to the top, you will be rewarded with spectacular views.


The town of Taormina is located on top of a hill overlooking the magnificent scenery that makes up this area of Sicily. As you wander through this town, you will experience beautiful cathedrals, as well as an ancient Greek theatre that was originally built in the 3rd century B.C. From this theatre, you will be able to take in wonderful views of the sea and Mt. Etna in the distance. If you are interested in spending time at the beach below Taormina, you can ride down in the cable car.

The Food

You may think Italian food is Italian food. If you do feel this way, you haven’t experienced Italian food Sicilian style. Sicily vacations aren’t complete if you haven’t tried some of the food on the island of Sicily. Providing a special twist on the traditional Italian food, you will enjoy the different spices they use in their dishes. In addition, the wine made from the grapes grown at the base of Mt. Etna is not to be missed.

Sicily vacations can offer a different experience than visiting other areas of Italy, making it a great option if you have already visited Italy. From the breath-taking views at the top of Mt. Etna to the quaint experience in the hill-top town of Taormina, you will be thrilled by the beauty of the island. You will have also enjoyed the new twist on Italian food plus the wine only Sicily can offer.