Signs You May Need a Water Softener in Glens Falls

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Many people have hard water and are not even aware they do. If you have hard water, it can affect many parts of your home and even your health. There are different signs you can look for, to know you have hard water. If you do find you have this issue with your water, there are water softeners that can remove the hard minerals in your water, softening it and making it safer for your home, appliances and your health. Through a Water Softener in Glens Falls, your water quality can be greatly improved.

Signs You May Need a Water Softener

When you have hard water, it can wreak havoc on your home. Hard water can damage your plumbing, appliances, faucets and can affect the health of your hair and skin. Understanding the signs to look for can help you to know if you have a hard water problem so you can contact a water treatment company and find out about your options for improving the quality of your water.

* Stains – Hard water stains are often left behind on your toilet, shower, tub, sinks, faucets and your dishes. These stains can range from what is called water spots to pinkish stains, depending on the types of hard water minerals found in your water. With a simple water test, a water specialist can check your water for hard minerals and give you information on what type of water filtering you need.

* Corrosion – Hard water will typically corrode many types of metals faster than softer water will. This can cause problems in your pipes and your appliances. You may see corrosion in your washing machine, dishwasher and in your hot water tank. If this water problem is not corrected, it could continue to eat away at these appliances and cause permanent damage or the need for replacement.

* Dry skin and hair – When you have hard water, it can affect your skin and your hair. Your skin may feel dry, itchy and irritated. You may notice your hair looks dull or feels dry. To correct these issues, you may need a Water Softener in Glens Falls.

If you believe you may need a water softener, contact H2O Solutions. They can provide you with all of the treatment options you need, to take care of your hard water and improve its quality.