Signs You Need Engine And Transmission Repair Morris IL

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The engine and transmission in your vehicle is extremely important to its ability to function. When the engine and transmission is going bad, there can be many signs to alert you to issues. Most of the time a transmission will give warning signs before it completely goes out, but this is not always the case. It is important for you to pay attention to these warning signs and have your vehicle checked by a Engine And Transmission Repair Morris IL technician if you notice any of them. This can save you hundreds of dollars and possibly prevent a complete transmission replacement.

Warning Signs Your Transmission Is Going Bad

Slipping gears — When the engine and transmission on your vehicle is going bad, you may notice it seems to hesitate on certain gears. When this happens, your vehicle may slightly stall or it may seem to pause as it tries to go into gear. This same sign can be noticed in both manual and automatic transmissions. When you notice this sign it means you need Engine And Transmission Repair Morris IL services right away.

Leaks — If you have transmission fluid leaks, this means there is a breakdown in one of the areas of your transmission. You may notice a pool of reddish liquid under your car. This is a telltale sign you have a major leak in your engine and transmission system. It is important you have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible so the leak can be found and repaired. Trying to drive your vehicle with a leaking transmission can cause a complete breakdown in the transmission system.

Grinding — Especially seen in manual transmission vehicles, you will often hear a grinding sound when trying to change gears. While this can also happen with an automatic transmission, it is often more noticeable in manual transmission vehicles.

There are other signs you may notice in your engine and transmission, such as whining sounds when driving. It is important to have your transmission checked at least once a year, to make sure everything is in working order. If you are having engine and transmission issues, you need a Engine And Transmission Repair Morris IL.