Signs You Need Septic Pumping in Olympia WA

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Most people do not think much about their septic system until something goes wrong. Then, you quickly learn how important your septic tank is. Fortunately, there are warning signs you can look for, to alert you that you need septic pumping in Olympia WA. If you notice these warning signs, it is imperative you contact a professional septic pumping service right away. Ignoring the signs will only make the situation worse and could lead to a huge mess and damage to your property.

  • One of the first signs you will notice when you are having problems with your septic system is odors. You may smell odors coming from your drain pipes or from your ventilation system. The type of odor you will smell is similar to rotten eggs or will smell like sewage. This means methane gas is leaking from your septic system and is a major warning sign it needs to be pumped. This often means you have a blocked drain in your system.
  • Another sign of problems with your septic tank is moisture. If you notice moisture seeping in your backyard, around the area where your tank is located, this could mean one of the leachfiled lines is blocked or damaged and leaking. You may also notice your grass and other plants are growing up rapidly around this area. This means you need to call for Septic Pumping in Olympia WA as soon as possible. Raw sewage could be leaking into your yard and could lead to you needing a whole new septic tank put in.
  • Finally, your toilets and drains can give you a lot of information about the state of your septic tank. If you hear gurgling in your drains or your toilet, this can be a sign the septic tank is full and the lines are clogged. Slow flushing toilets or slow drains should never be overlooked, as this can signal serious problems.

If you have any of these signs of septic tank problems, contact House Brothers Construction. They can take care of your septic tank issues and get the system working properly again as quickly as possible.