Signs Your Parents Need Home Care

Missed appointments, poor grooming, a neglected home—if your parents are starting to have a bit of trouble managing on their own, it may be time to look for private duty home care in Alexandria, VA. Here are a few of the other signs you’ll need to look into.

Unkempt appearance

It’s not a problem if your parents don’t like to brush their hair or take a bath every day. But if that’s because they’re having a hard time performing those tasks, then that’s a clear sign that they need help. You’ll want to reach out to Capital City Nurses to start exploring care options.

Unexplained weight loss

If your parents are losing weight, this could be due to the fact that they can’t handle preparing their meals anymore. It’s not enough to send food a couple of times a week. If you live a little far from your parents and can’t look after them, then private duty home care in Alexandria, VA is a must.


A lot of senior adults suffer from depression. That’s because people with health problems tend to have chronic pain conditions that impact their quality of life. If your parents seem to be depressed, a professional can take care of them the appropriate way.

Missed appointments

This could be due to simple forgetfulness, but if this is happen regularly, then that could be a sign of your loved one’s physical and/or mental decline. Make sure they don’t miss another appointment with the doctor again by employing a home caregiver.

Mobility problems

Old age is hard on one’s knees. If your parents have mobility problems, then that’s going to present driving challenges. A caregiver who can drive them around to where they need to go can fix that problem.

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