Size Matters with a Solid State Drive

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When size matters, you need a solid state drive, otherwise known as SSD, which can out-perform others. Intel provides SSDs of varying sizes, with the bigger SSDs being the better. Trends in technology have allowed Intel to create incredibly valuable SSDs with the newest Intel NAND Flash. Such technology offers a great combination of quality, price and performance when it comes to a valuable upgrade for a personal computer.

Perform at Lower Power with Leading Edge Technology

The Intel SSDs come in many different sizes, with the newer SSDs providing the latest SATA gigabit technology. The higher the gigabits per second, the faster an SSD will work for you. In fact, speed levels can reach up to 500 megabytes per second using the prominent 20 nanometer Intel NAND Flash technology, while expending less
power. This gives consumers a more responsive personal computer that can handle even the most demanding of applications and consume less energy.

Intel Provides SSDs You Can Trust

Intel SSDs based on their latest 20nm (MLC) Multi Level Cell Intel NAND Flash Memory, have been validated to last for up to three years and provide useful life that is worry-free. All series of SSDs built by Intel are capable of delivering reliability and quality with high quality customer support, in which Intel is known.  No matter what type of SSD you choose, keep in mind that the bigger the drive, the better.

Management Tools for the Intel SSD

When you purchase the SSD Optimizer (the 335 Series), you also get the Intel SSD Toolbox. The SSD Optimizer includes a set of information, diagnostic and management tools that is powerful and helps maintain the overall health of an Intel SSD. This gives those using the SSD 335 Series, levels that are comparable to levels considered to be fresh and brand new.  There are also tools provided to maximize SSD use. The Toolbox is free and also has a System Configuration Tuner that configures a system and allows you to take advantage of the 335 Series.  There is also software available for data migration called the Intel Data Migration Software which makes it simpler to upgrade a personal computer with the 335 series.

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