Skilled Private Investigators in New York

Private investigators (PIs) are professionals who perform investigations for individuals or businesses, also referred to as a private detective, or private eye. They often perform work for insurance companies to investigate suspicious claims, for attorneys in civil lawsuit cases, or for individuals who want information on someone they have a relationship with personally, or in business. Though not necessarily a legal requirement, private investigators in New York can gather information on the mischievous behavior of spouses and partners for proof of adultery, property disputes, and disagreements over child custody and/or alimony payments.

One of the earlier and more famous United States private investigators was a Scottish American detective named Allan Pinkerton. Around 1849, Pinkerton was appointed as the first detective in the City of Chicago and one year later formed the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. The company’s log was an open eye and the notation “We Never Sleep.” It inspired the nickname of “private eye” for investigators. Prior to the outbreak of civil war in the states, he developed investigative techniques such as surveillance of a suspect (shadowing), and role-playing (undercover). At the outbreak of the American Civil War, Pinkerton served as the head of the Union Intelligence Service. While guarding Abraham Lincoln on his way to the presidential inauguration, Pinkerton thwarted what was believed to be an attempted assassination of Lincoln.

With an expanding middle class and the developing wealth of the 1920’s, private investigators became more accessible to the average American. Since then, the investigations industry has grown and expanded with the social changes of the American public. Unions, insurance agencies, and problems in personal relationships have caused a tremendous growth for the need of private investigators. Modern day private investigators engage in a wide variety of duties that may not necessarily involve investigating. Some of their work includes, serving legal documents such as subpoenas, court summons, and other types of documents to the parties in legal cases. Some investigators specialize in surveillance counter-measures, corporate matters, anti-fraud, anti-piracy, copyright infringement, and computer forensics.

Today, private investigators in New York are highly skilled and trained to uncover the truth in complicated and contentious situations. They can offer their client’s information and evidence that can help them make critical decisions in any business or personal relationship situation.

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