Smart Options for Parking Lot Lighting

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After a long day shopping in the mall or at work, coming out to a dark parking lot can not only be dangerous, but it can also be difficult to find your vehicle. Good LED parking lot light fixtures is imperative in these situations. In fact, if someone is injured in a parking lot, and it is determined that poorly maintained parking lot lighting is to blame, then the business owner could be at fault. Not only that, but people are less likely to visit businesses if the lighting is poor and they feel unsafe. Not to mention, a well-lit parking lot deters criminals.

When deciding to light up your parking lot, there are different types of lighting to choose from. One type is light emitting diode (LED) lighting. LED lighting is a popular, energy saving option to light your parking lot. LED lights can be programmed to remain dim until a motion sensor is triggered. LED lights typically cost more to install, but they cost much less to run over time than traditional lighting. They also focus light in one direction, which directs the light exactly where it’s needed.

Another type of lighting is high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting. This traditional source of parking lot lighting is falling out of favor as it is less cost-efficient and uses more energy than LED lighting. Most parking lots currently use this type of lighting, though they are slowly being replaced. HID lights cost more to operate and require more maintenance as they need to be replaced more often than LED lights. They also tend to direct light in more than one direction, which is less effective than LED lights.

If you want your parking lot lighting in Lansing MI to be green, you might consider using solar lights. Solar lighting does not require any wires; plus, there aren’t any utility costs after installation. This results in a huge savings since the lights are powered by the sun. Which area of the country the lights are installed in will determine how many hours of light are produced. The light is driven by a solar panel that is mounted just above the light fixture. It is completely green, costing the business owner very little to run.

Lighting up a parking lot is not only beneficial to your customers, but you can also protect your business from potential crime.

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