Smoke Damage Cleaning Process

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A fire can be devastating, putting structures and lives at risk. After the fire is out and the chaos subsides, it is time to evaluate the damage. The most common issue is smoke damage, and smoke damage cleaning is a long, multistep process that is best left to the professionals. The smoke seeps into the walls, furniture, and carpeting, overpowering the house with the smell of smoke. To begin putting the fire in the past, it is essential to erase all the evidence of it.

Removing the Smokey Smell

The smell of smoke directly after a fire is overwhelming. As time passes, the smell does not simply go away on its own. The same is true for cigarette smoke. Without a professional cleaning, the smell of smoke will linger for years. Unlike other types of odors, the smell of smoke cannot be simply covered up. Air fresheners would only offer a temporary solution. It needs to be completely removed. Smoke damage cleaning professionals in Clifton Park use chemicals to break up and neutralize the smell.

Removing the Soot

With smoke comes soot. Soot is a fine black carbon powder that occurs when oil, coal, wood, or some other substance is burned. The particles are so small that they can be easily carried by the smoke. To remove soot, special vacuum cleaners and oil-based solvents are used to lift the particles away from the surfaces they coat. Using a brush or trying to wipe away the soot with water can actually cause it to sink deeper into the floors or walls, making it even more difficult to clean.

Fabrics and Furniture

Upholstery and fabrics like sheets, clothes, and curtains also absorb the smoky smell and soot. If the fabric is machine washable, the smell and soot may be gone after a few wash cycles. Other fabrics may need to be taken to the dry cleaners. Furniture can be difficult and should be left to the hands of professional cleaners.