Snow Grooming Equipment: Who Knew Clearing Trails Could be so Much Fun?

You’re away from the city and riding your snowmobile, crisp winter air whipping your cheeks as the powder swiftly slides past. You slow down and your breath catches in your throat as you admire the sight 1,000 feet below you: emerald fir trees dotting pristine white snow. As you turn to head back down the hill, you look at your snowmobile and smile. Your morning was so quiet, smooth, and serene, you forgot you were grooming the trails, too.

In a snowcat, you would have tracked slowly up the mountain, bumbling around turns and counting the minutes until the work was done. This is why new snow grooming equipment is so essential: you can do your work and enjoy it, too.

More Time to Enjoy the Sights

The average speed of a snowcat is 10 to 11 mph. So much for whisking through the trails to get home to your hot chocolate! But new snow grooming equipment goes up to 20 mph – it hooks up to the back of your favourite snowmobile. It’s easy to lift, easy to pull, and does the job at twice the speed. Who can argue with that? And instead of spending hours reading owner’s manuals and practicing driving before using typical snow groomers, attachments only take 30 minutes to learn how to use. After all, you already know how to drive your snowmobile! Even better: you can bring a friend. Attach it to the back of your two-person snowmobile and go for a ride on your favourite trails while packing down the powder for your tour or club.

More Money to Enjoy the Slopes

Traditional snow grooming equipment costs between $20,000.00 and $80,000.00. But you can get an attachment for your snowmobile for only a fraction of that: $2,500.00! That’s at least $17,000.00 to invest elsewhere – in your business, in your home, or on the slopes. Instead of choosing between grooming snow and relaxing on a beach sipping margaritas in the sun, you can choose both! You can customize your equipment and still save money, too. Professional, personal, and cross country attachments all exist, all for similar prices. This gives you both versatility and extra change in your pocket. What’s more is that even though they cost less, snowmobile attachments do the job just as well, if not better. With their ¾” – 1” cleats they can easily travel up to 1,000 feet, clear busy trails used by hundreds of people on the slopes, and keep the snow safe for everyone. They even have adjustable heights, so they can keep the trails visible and fresh on curves and hills.

Go for a ride. You’ll love it.

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