Sod Junction City KS Lay the Green Down

by | May 23, 2014 | Agriculture and Forestry

The first thing most people notice about a home is the lawn and garden. For some reason an attractive garden can give any house tremendous character, regardless of the condition. Sod Junction City KS is probably the easiest way to add character to any garden or home. With little to no effort, a home owner can proudly come up the driveway and find a perfect green blanket where it used to be patches of weed. Some might say that placing sod is the most rewarding way of working in the garden.

Why is grass so important? Apart from just looking great, sod is heavily underestimated by nature lovers. Just because it doesn’t stand out like trees and plants people generally accept that grass or sod is useless. What they don’t know is that only 50 square feet of sod is capable of absorbing carbon dioxide, perosyacetyle nitrate and hydrogen fluoride. In turn it releases enough oxygen to support a family of four. Sod Junction City KS is much more than just eye-candy and convenient gardening.

Another interesting fact is that sod traps about 12 million tons of dirt and dust on an annual basis, resulting in much cleaner air. Sod Junction City KS plays such an important role within the environment, whether it captures moisture from the air, reduces noise or help patients with a garden view to recover, those green blades are nothing short of wonderful. It is no wonder that people are spending more money on enhancing their gardens than any other home improving projects.

Sod Junction City KS is truly an investment towards health, beauty and the environment. To think that a single grass plant is capable of developing a root system for over 380 miles and can stay significantly cool during hot summer days is beyond comprehension to say the least. Home owners will be missing out big time if they didn’t buy their patch of green heaven, not to mention how dull their gardens might look. Sod is a natural play ground that cannot be replaced by anything else. Investing in grass is like placing a smile all around a home.

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