Sofa Cleaning in Ewa Beach

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Cleaning

Several individuals shop around for eye catching or distinctive couches and the majority of these individuals also take into account the ease of cleaning when selecting a sofa. If you are looking for something that’s affordable and unique, you may want to consider micro-suede sofas. These types of sofas are durable, attractive and soft. However, do you know what to do if your sofa gets stained or suffers some other mishap? There is no need to panic; micro-suede is not difficult to clean. Here are some micro-suede sofa cleaning tips that you can use for their maintenance.


Vacuuming is one of the most effective methods for Sofa Cleaning in Ewa Beach. With this method, you can effectively get rid of dust and dirt. Before you use this cleaning method, be sure to remove all removable cushions as this will give you total access to even the smallest sections. Before you start cleaning your couch, make sure you review the manual. You will typically find instructions on how to properly clean the couch in the manual. “W” means that the couch can be cleaned with water while “S” indicates that the couch can be cleaned using solvent materials. “W and S” mean that both solvent cleaners and water can be used on the couch.

Spray Cleaning is also an excellent method to utilize. The quantity of water used during the cleaning process is dependent upon how dirty the couch is. Four to five drops of dish washing liquid placed within the spray bottle is sufficient to get rid of stains and dirt successfully. Using plenty of water whilst cleaning your micro-suede sofa can lead to fungi growth and decay, thus you have to be careful to avoid soaking them completely. Spray the cleaning liquid on only the areas that requires cleaning. This will help prevent moisture entrapment within the sofa materials. Sofa cleaning in Ewa Beach is very simple provided that you know how to do it appropriately. The cleaning methods are mainly dependent upon the materials that they are made of. You should find out the best way to clean a particular material because there is no one method that is appropriate for all materials. Visit PS Carpet Cleaners.

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