Sophisticated Pet Care at an Animal Hospital in Ft. Meade

Sophisticated Pet Care at an Animal Hospital in Ft. MeadeIt can almost be difficult to distinguish a sophisticated Animal Hospital Ft. Meade from a medical facility that treats human patients. Much of the equipment is made by the same manufacturers and simply designed to accommodate animal patients. There are exam rooms, a surgery suite, a separate room to take x-rays, and some hospitals may have a separate dental suite.

A nice feature in the exam room is to have a table that lowers to the ground. That is easier for the veterinarian or the pet owner than lifting a heavy dog. It’s also less stressful for a dog than being lifted onto a table at the vet’s office, where animals are often nervous anyway. Even the exam room doors may be constructed to shut softly, since noises can stress an already nervous pet. Veterinarians can also have electronic medical record software just like your regular medical clinic does. Electronic medical records can be accessed from a computer in the exam room just like at your own doctor’s office visit.

A animal hospital Ft. Meade may also be equipped with both an ICU and an isolation unit. These are two separate units with different functions. The isolation ward is for animals with contagious diseases. All treatment can be done from this room, which is provided with its own oxygen and exhaust fan so the air from the room doesn’t affect other pets in the hospital. The ICU is for sick pets and pets recovering from surgery so they can be monitored.

An Animal Hospital Ft. Meade may have equipment that specifically allows them to meet the needs of exotic animals like reptiles and birds. For example, the clinic may have a special room for exotic pets, where it’s quiet and they don’t have to hear barking dogs. Continuous noise can be stressful for these small, fragile animals. The room may have oxygen coming directly into the room, with an exhaust fan to vent the air outside so that air from the room doesn’t affect animals elsewhere in the facility. A veterinarian who treats exotics may have incubators especially for birds and reptiles, since these animals need to be kept warm while they’re recovering.

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