Speaking To A Criminal Lawyer In Bel Air After You Are Arrested

A Criminal Lawyer in Bel Air provides you with legal assistance whenever you are facing a criminal infraction. These attorneys focus all of their energy on fighting for your freedom. They present you with advice in terms of the charge in which you are facing and the probable penalties assigned upon conviction. They will investigate all angles possible to establish reasonable doubt. With reasonable doubt it is possible to regain your freedom as this implies that you are incapable of committing the crime based on an alibi or physical impairment.


How a Criminal Charge Affects Your Life

After a criminal charge, it is likely that you will have difficulties in acquiring jobs in the future. If your charge is a felony, this could prevent you from receiving any jobs that require a security clearance or manage money primarily. With this charge, you may be passed over due to employment policy stipulations that will prevent an employer from hiring you.

Local Criminal Attorneys

Seigel, Tully and Furrer LLC are criminal defense attorneys who will fight for your freedom at all costs. They will investigate your case and evaluate the prosecution’s case against you. These attorneys aid you in posting bail and offering you a chance to share your side of the story. They additionally provide expungement services for you when charges are dropped yet are not removed from your record. They understand the repercussions of a criminal charge and will assist you in preventing a conviction and a criminal record. To hire an attorney within this law firm, contact them locally or visit their website at


Your Criminal Lawyer in Bel Air presents you with legal representation after you are accused of a criminal infraction. These charges could be classified as either a felony or misdemeanor. Your attorney can help you with offering proof to the judge and jury that eliminates the possibility of a conviction. A criminal defense attorney understands how these charges can affect your life and the probability of acquiring a job in the future. To discuss your case further call Seigel, Tully, and Furrer today.

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