Special Schools For ADHD Children in NJ

A child with ADHD can have a difficult time being successful in a traditional school setting. For the parent and ADHD child, this can be a heartbreaking and frustrating experience. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder wires a person’s brain to function and process information differently. There are special schools for ADHD children in NJ. The teachers are prepared and trained to teach in a unique way. These schools are designed to ensure the success of a child with ADHD.

A child with ADHD can struggle in a classic public school classroom. With 30 students, one teacher, many distractions and little time to move around, an ADHD student will spend a large amount of energy trying to conform and not on learning. This can be frustrating for both the student and the teacher. Classroom disruptions can be minor to full blown episodes. They are good kids struggling with their own bodies and minds to sit still. These ongoing battles can lead to many tears and hours spent trying to find a solution.

Schools for kids with ADHD offer an individualized learning experience. A program that understands the disorder will offer different learning styles to help the student become successful. One of the first things you should see in a class created specifically to meet the needs of these kids is a much smaller classroom size, 10 to 20 students, not 30 to 40. Again, the teacher-student ratio would be lower, not 1:30, but something more like 1:4. This will guarantee more one-on-one time with each child, allowing them to learn in a way that they understand. Non-traditional styles can be as simple as oral spelling tests instead of written or marking in the test booklet instead of transferring the answers to another sheet where a distraction can result in the wrong bubble being filled in. Computers are also a valuable tool with many programs that will fit specific needs.

Parents want their child to be successful and happy in life. Sometimes a child thinks and behaves outside of the box. They are the classic round peg, trying to fit into the square hole; they don’t fit into that puzzle, but will somewhere in another. If you have a child with a learning disorder, you can locate special schools for ADHD children in NJ with a quick search on the internet. Visit The Cambridge School for more information.

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