Start a New Family Hobby: Find a Used ATV in Tucson

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If you have been looking for a way to make your weekends a little more exciting for you and your family, consider ATV riding. Getting everyone outside together into the fresh air for a little adventure is the perfect way to stay healthy and enjoy your time together.

Arizona is a great state for ATV riding, with the perfect climate and seemingly endless amounts of trails and territory. There is something available for any level of rider and with some careful planning and preparation, you can discover a new part of the state every weekend. Here are some areas to get you started.

Alto Pit Off-Highway Vehicle Area

With a beginner’s course, eight miles of ATV-designated trails and plenty of amenities this area is perfect for the family just beginning their ATV lifestyle. There are comfortable picnic and barbecue areas, restrooms and camping spots available. The site is open all year.

Agua Caliente / Sonoran Desert

Easy trails abound within this area, but caution should be taken because of its potential to be especially hot. There are few amenities in the area, so be sure to bring adequate water and supplies. There are plenty of interesting things to look for in the area including old mines and petroglyphs.

Saffel Canyon Trail

This is a family friendly area which even includes space for the youngest riders to build their ATV skills. The “tot lot” is just one of the many amenities to be found in the fun, forested area. The entire trail is a 25 mile trip which requires a moderate level of skill to negotiate safely.

Purchasing pre-owned ATVs is the best way to start your new hobby on a budget. Many quality machines are available and finding a reliable used ATV is as easy as stopping by CSA Cycle, Skis and ATVs. They are the best place to find an affordable Used ATV in Tucson.

At CSA you will find a large inventory of ATVs and motorcycles at their shop. If you have a Used ATV in Tucson you no longer need or have a motorcycle you want to sell to raise money for an ATV, CSA pays cash for good pre-owned models.