State-of-the-art Vehicles and Well-trained Medical Transportation Team

State-of-the-art Vehicles and Well-trained Medical Transportation TeamWhen you or someone you care about needs EMS in New Jersey, including transportation for both emergency and non-emergency medical situations, you want a trusted, seasoned staff to provide superior service
Basic Life Support

You have undoubtedly seen an ambulance backed up to a traffic collision with lights flashing and sirens screaming and thought that was all ambulances did more than anything else. They go to accident sites and transport people to the emergency rooms.

But ambulances also provide non-emergency services. Basic Life Support, or BLS, is for patients who need to be transported and require medical treatment or consistent monitoring along the way. When using an ambulance for BLS services, you want trained and certified Emergency Medical Technicians with you, just as you would if you were being taken to the ER after a car wreck.

Valuable Solutions

Some of the valuable solutions you want an EMS in New Jersey providing transportation management to include are the following:

Electronic bed board;

Electronic trip scheduler;

Electronic trip list; and

Concierge services.

Electronic Bed Board: This allows a search of bed availability in the hospital network the EMS service in New Jersey uses.

Electronic Trip Scheduler: Allows you to plan to schedule your transportation.

Electronic Trip List: Stay informed of scheduled trips and their status and time of arrival using any browser, even from your smart phone.

Concierge Services: Relax and let the transportation staff handle all your scheduling needs.

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