Steel Storage Tanks from a Company with a Progressive History

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CB Mills has grown from the original family-owned Chicago Boiler Company that started more than 120 years ago with the purpose of repairing boilers. Today the company has expanded to manufacturing, teaching and innovative technology in the industry.

Benefits of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel storage tanks adhere to OSHA requirements for working with chemicals and other caustic and dangerous substances. You have an option of tanks lined and/or painted. Coverings will prolong the life of the tank. Linings facilitate safe transportation without the detrimental combination of tank material and the chemical it holds.

Carbon steel is an economical material that holds up regardless of the weather. They are durable and can withstand extreme highs and lows in temperature without damage to contents or the tank itself.

Uses for Carbon Steel Tanks

Storage tanks of carbon steel are commonly used to carry fuel, potable/non-potable water, fertilizer, grain, oil and chemicals. Industries that use carbon steel storage tanks include agriculture, petroleum, hazardous waste and engineering

Manufacturing of Tanks

Carbon steel tanks can be custom-made with multiple compartments to your specific requirements. Tanks can be manufactured to be mounted on trucks or to be moved and stored in places as the need arises. Surge bins and oil reservoirs are common options in custom tanks and can prove beneficial depending on the industry using them. Tanks are built to withstand explosions.

Boiler Services

Contact CB Mills through their website to discuss how your company can benefit from upgrading your storage tanks. Sales and service are available to you.