Steps for Installing Propane Gas Tanks in Franklin, TN

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Installing a propane gas tank is the first step in converting your home into a household that primarily uses this clean burning, nontoxic, efficient and affordable fuel source. Before you can reap all of the many benefits of using propane, you must ensure that your supplier uses the following steps for Installing Propane Gas Tanks in Franklin, TN.

Select the ideal tank size – The first step is selecting the right tank for your specific needs. This depends mostly on the temperature of the environment it you will use it in as well as the size of the home and number of appliances the propane will power. Consider the orientation of your tank, and decide between a horizontal and a vertical tank or canister.

Determine a safe tank distance – The size and scope of the tank you select determine how much distance should be between it and your house. The general rule is that the larger the tank, the further away from the building it should be.

Decide where to place your propane tank – Once you find the correct distance, the next step is deciding where to place the tank. Propane tanks can sit either above or below the ground depending on your needs. No placement is better than the other is; however, a final decision depends on your personal taste and available space.

Create a foundation – The next step is creating a foundation for your tank. If the tank will rest above ground, you should build a slab to rest it on and if it will be underground, you should dig a hole large enough to place it in and bury it properly.

Place the tank – Once the foundation space is complete, the next step is placing the tank. If it is above ground, place it on the slab and anchor down using bolts on the legs. If you place the tank underground, bury it leaving only the dome walls and cover exposed.

Connect the lines – The final step for propane tank installation is connecting the lines that will carry the fuel into your home and to the appliances that it will power.

These are the basic steps for Installing Propane Gas Tanks in Franklin, TN. If you need to have propane tanks installed, contact professionals like Chiles Propane Gas LLC today to get an obligation free consultation and quote.

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