Steps To Take When Cleaning Blood From Surfaces In Oregon And Washington

Although you might think that blood would be easy to remove from surfaces after an incident occurs, it’s a bit harder to remove the fluid than you would imagine. Companies that use blood cleanser in Oregon often need to use safeguards and materials to keep possible contaminants from spreading to other surfaces during the cleaning process. The following are a few tips for cleaning blood so that there are little to no signs of it being present in the first place.


When you arrive at a scene where blood is on surfaces, you need to find out how long the blood has been there and if the fluid could be contaminated with any bacteria or diseases. It’s often better to treat every situation as one that’s hazardous, which is what most companies that use blood cleanser in Oregon do so that everyone involved in the cleaning process is safe.


Before you begin cleaning surfaces, you need to get the proper equipment. Goggles, gloves, and covers for your clothes and shoes are some of the essential items that you want to have on hand when you’re cleaning blood from any surface. These will help protect your skin and clothing so that you can focus on ensuring the fluid is removed, and any materials that are too contaminated are replaced.

Cleaning Products

Although bleach seems like it would be a right solution for cleaning Blood, it’s not usually needed. The solution can often irritate your eyes or your skin and can remove colors from surfaces that you don’t want to destroy. If there is a small amount of blood at the scene, then warm water and soap will usually be enough to use. For large amounts, you want to use sanitizing components that have cleaners in them, repeating the cleaning process as many times as necessary.