Straightening Crooked Teeth With a Prosthodontist

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Crooked or misaligned teeth are quite common, especially in children. If you have noticed that your child’s teeth aren’t properly aligned, you should work on getting them straightened as early in life as possible. This should be done with the help of a competent prosthodontist in Chicago. Here are a few things that you need to know about straightening crooked teeth.

The disadvantages of having crooked teeth

There are many disadvantages that come from having misaligned teeth.

* Aesthetics: crooked teeth aren’t really one of the most-flattering looks. People with misaligned teeth even end up having self-esteem issues and shying away from speaking or covering their mouth when they laugh.

* Problems when eating food: misaligned teeth lead to problems when eating.

* Speech problems: Severely crooked and misaligned teeth can pose a big problem to children that are trying to develop speech. This is because teeth are supposed to help with the articulation of sounds, and if they are misaligned, they will not play their role well.

These are some of the reasons your child should get the help of a prosthodontist as early in life as possible.

Getting dental wires

One of the oldest methods of straightening crooked teeth. Dental braces are a combination of brackets that are attached to the surface of the tooth by making use of dental cement and wires that are used to tighten the brackets from time to time to push the teeth back to the desired position. The wires and the brackets are interconnected in a manner that makes pushing the teeth into position easy.

The process of straightening crooked teeth takes at least 12 months, sometimes more, depending on the age of the patient. The prosthodontist in Chicago helps you learn how to clean your teeth and keep them healthy during the alignment. This helps you avoid getting food stuck between the teeth, something that can lead to tooth decay.


This is a newer and better way of realigning teeth that are crooked. The aligner trays that are used are colorless, something that makes it hard for people to notice that you are trying to straighten teeth.

A Prosthodontist in Chicago can use either dental wires or Invisalign to help realign your teeth. If you are looking for Prosthodontist in Chicago, then contact DentArt Chicago.