Supported Employment Services: A Partnership that Works

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If you are disabled, it can often be difficult to find paid employment. It can be even harder to find the correct training to become part of the workforce in cities such as Monroe, LA. Fortunately, organizations and institutions have stepped in to address the issue with supported employment services.

What Are Supported Employment Services?

Supported employment is a program that believes every individual who wants a paying job should be able to do so. To achieve this goal, the program focuses on the individual. This includes not only assistance in specific employment assists but also the development and/or acquiring of life skills.

The model is flexible, tailored, and person-centered to help the individual learn the right job and life skills and establish a tri partnership that brings together three components:

  1. The job seeker
  2. The support person – provides the necessary information for both the job seeker and the employer and supports the individual.
  3. The employer

Who Benefits?

Everyone is involved! The individual, communities, and society benefit. The job seeker is gainfully employed. The business now has a valuable employee, and the workplace gains a better understanding amidst a now more diverse and inclusive working environment.

In Monroe, LA, if you would like to learn more about supported employment services, contact GBC Life Services. They will answer all your questions and provide you with what you need to understand the program and others they offer.