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You may believe that worker’s compensation programs are modern inventions, but that does not appear to be true. The dangerous career of piracy may seem to be an odd place for a social program to have begun, but this is actually proven historical fact. Because of the obvious potential of permanent injury it was difficult to recruit new shipmates onto pirate ships as they were needed. This forced many captains to begin offering incentives to keep their ships full.

The insurance provided to pirates was in a contract form where they were promised a particular amount of money for individual body parts which were commonly lost in the course of their duties. These contracts were bluntly written out and were binding. They did as they were intended and encouraged many to set sail.

Modern worker’s compensation was established in the early 20th century. It was created to not only protect the injured employee but to also help their family. Men were often the only family member earning a regular income and if their income was lost through injury, the family could quickly become destitute. Worker’s compensation also helped keep all employees safer. Employers who may have avoided providing a safe environment for their workers previously, were now forced to make every workplace safer in order to protect their own investment.

In the 100 years since its inception worker’s compensation has helped millions of Americans to stay current on their bills and get the medical help they needed after an injury. The typical workplace has also become safer for all workers. But, despite the improvements made because of the law, it has not prevented all accidents and it has not stopped some employers and insurance companies from avoiding or denying their responsibility.

If you have been injured on the job and are getting the run around from the insurance company or your employer, it is time to find the legal help you need. Assistance for Workers Comp Philadelphia is available from Swartz Culleton PC. They represent employees who have been denied benefits from worker’s compensation insurance. If you feel you have a case and need assistance getting the benefits you deserve, contact Swartz Culleton PC for a consultation.