Tablecloths – How to Make the Right Choice

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Picking the perfect tablecloths for your wedding or other events can be tricky. Here are some tips for choosing the right option – and information on how to save money by getting it directly from the tablecloth factory!

Consider Your Event

Your first step in choosing the perfect tablecloth option is understanding your own event. Some considerations for this include:

Are you hosting people of all ages? Children are messy and young kids can be destructive. Choose sturdy, easy-to-wash linens, or those that can be easily disposed of if they do become stained or torn.

Is your event formal? If you want an elegant, beautiful event, you’ll want to go with something classic, like crisp, white table linens.

Is color important to your theme? For weddings or birthday parties, many people rely heavily on color for decorating and theme-keeping. If this is a concern for you, choose linens that come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can pick the perfect one from there!

Balance Your Budget with Your Big Dreams

We’d all love the finest silk linens for your tables, but that isn’t always an option for our budget. Talk to your retailer or rental provider about what some more affordable options are, and how you can save even more through discounts or factory-direct pricing.

Buy Factory Direct for Big Savings

These days, many party supply and linen retailers or rental providers offer factory-direct pricing to entice customers to choose bulk options. This works to your advantage if you’re planning a wedding or other large event; if you need lots of tablecloths at a great price, ask about tablecloth factory-direct pricing. You’ll get a big discount, all without sacrificing quality. Your guests will never know they’re dining on discount table linens – but your bank account sure will!

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