Take Control of Your Business with Dedicated Server Hosting

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There are quite a few hosting options for webmasters these days, ranging from a simple shared hosting plan for a few bucks each month to dedicated server hosting, which allows webmasters complete control over their server and increased security since it is not shared with any other sites.

Full-featured hosting services are gaining in popularity, and include:

  • virtual private servers
  • colocation facilities
  • cloud hosting services
  • dedicated server hosting

In this article we’re going to take a closer look at the benefits of dedicated server hosting plans.

As the name suggests, dedicated hosting plans allow clients to lease the whole server without having to share its resources (processor, storage space or bandwidth) with any other user or website. This gives dedicated servers a huge advantage over shared servers. These servers allow its users the freedom to choose and configure the hardware, software, operating system and other aspects of the server to suit their needs.

If you don’t want to be burdened with the management of a dedicated server, you can use the services of the hosting company you are leasing the server from. The servers are located in datacenters which have the required infrastructure to maintain the servers in good operational condition. These datacenters have the necessary equipment and processes in place to ensure the security and integrity of the servers and the data stored on the servers.

While packages and plans of dedicated hosting vary from company to company, there are some common elements which are present in any hosting package for a dedicated server. One of the biggest advantages of dedicated hosting is the performance levels of the server. This is one of the main reasons why serious businesses opt for dedicated servers over other types of servers.

Dedicated servers spare its users the worry of having to share server resources with other websites and users. Additionally, the user doesn’t have to worry about purchasing expensive server material and installing the necessary infrastructure required to manage it. Even though the cost of dedicated hosting is considerably higher than other forms of hosting, the advantage it provides more than make up for the increased costs.

A lot of hosting companies offer a “set and forget” type of datacenter that allows users of dedicated hosting to focus on their day to day work after initially setting the server up. After the initial setup is complete, the hosting company takes care of handling the hardware, software and the security of the server.

Most hosting companies will allow you to customize your hosting package to a large extent so that you end up with a configuration which is best suited for your website. This allows you to have a hosting structure in place which is extremely scalable and versatile.
Cost aside, dedicated server hosting is the best option for webmasters who require complete control over their server and data. Businesses that require custom services with ample space and bulletproof security are best served with a dedicated server hosting plan.

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