Tea-riffic Tea

Tea is an amazing substance, it is health giving and warming. It quenches our thirst whilst being a really sociable pastime to partake in. Going out for tea with friends is becoming the new coffee! So many of us are getting switched on to the world of tea that it is actually becoming fashionable.

Much of this resurgence in tea drinking is likely due to the fact that we are far more aware of our health nowadays than we have been in the past. We are all rushing to ditch the sugary sweet sodas and to actually fill our bodies with goodness. We eat organic and we are concerned about what we are feeding our families. Tea contains to harmful chemicals, no additives or nasty colors. It stands to reason that this most ancient of drinks is experiencing a return to popularity.

Buying tea

There are so many different subtypes of tea on the market nowadays. Call me ignorant but I just thought that tea was tea – plain and simple. However I have most certainly been proven wrong as there are lots of fabulous sounding teas available to buy both online and in the stores. No matter what types of flavor are your preference, there will be a tea out there which is perfect for you.

Just the other day I was checking out the different subtypes and I decided to buy oolong tea to find out what all the fuss was about. I’d read about this tea many times but to my knowledge I had never yet tried it. I was so happy with the delivery time between ordering and receiving my tea, the service was first class. I was obviously really excited about brewing a cup.

Oolong tea

Oolong which means “black dragon” is a tea which has its roots in China. Dependent on which variety of oolong you buy, the flavor will be different. Some oolongs are woody; others are fresh and “green” whereas some are honey tasted and quite sweet with a hint of fruit.

Oolong tea is traditionally rolled however it can also be wrapped into little beads with tails. Whichever way it is presented it quickly realized that this was no ordinary tea and that it was so very tasty, refreshing and moreish! It has its own unique flavor which has real depth to it.

This set me wondering with regards to how much caffeine was in my new tea. Well, oolong doesn’t contain the amount of caffeine which regular back tea has. Of course if you keep brewing the same leaves over and over, the caffeine content will drop considerably. All in all this is a really unusual and tasty tea which deserves to be savored.