The 3 Types Of Allergy Tests Given in Louisville, KY

Statistics show that more and more kids are becoming allergic to things like peanuts and insect bits. Unfortunately, their parents don’t realize this until an allergic reaction occurs. It’s important to know whether or not your child is allergic to something or not. Thankfully, Allergy Testing in Louisville, KY can help you determine your allergies and what triggers your allergic reactions.

The are three kinds of allergy tests. The first kind is the skin test. The skin test is an inexpensive test that uses several pricks and scratches to test your allergies. This method is very helpful because it typically provides the patient will immediate results. Not only that but the test itself is extremely sensitive and accurate.

Although the skin test is great for allergy testing in Louisville, KY, it isn’t ideal for those with skin problems. This is why doctors also use blood testing. With this test doctors will take a sample of your blood, and will use it to determine risk factors associated with various allergies. Patients also don’t have to worry about negative allergic reactions or breakouts. However, this might not be the ideal test for those who are afraid of needles, or for those who’d rather not spend more money. And unlike the skin tests, it can take a while to receive your allergy test results.

The third test is the challenge test. Doctors typically opt to have the challenge test done when it’s likely that a patient is allergic to a certain type of medication or food. It’s a very simple test that calls for the patient to ingest or inhale a tiny portion of the substance in question (i.e. peanuts, medication, milk, etc.). At this point the doctor and patient must play the waiting game. If nothing happens, then the patient isn’t allergic. However, if the patient has an allergic reaction, something terrible could happen. This is why this is usually one of the last choices doctors use.

If you or your child are battling with an unknown allergy, consider getting Allergy Testing in Louisville, KY at Accredited Asthma, Allergy and Food Intolerance Center. A through testing will give you the answers you need about your health.