The Advantages of Choosing a Vertical Tube Furnace

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Tube furnaces are some of the most popular types of laboratory furnaces used in a variety of process. When you are shopping for a tube furnace, you will have to choose between a horizontal and a vertical tube furnace. There are clear advantages for each of these types of furnaces, requiring you to take a good look at your lab and the processes you perform to help you make the right choice.


Limited space can be a real problem when it comes to your laboratory. There are so many pieces of equipment labs need to function properly, space can quickly become an issue. If you need a tube furnace and don’t have a lot of space to put it, you will find purchasing a vertical furnace can allow you to get the equipment you need without taking up a large amount of space on your work table. This can allow you to keep more pieces of equipment within easy reach.

Different Angles

During some experiments and processes, you need to see what happens when you heat the substances at different angles. While some horizontal tube furnaces may be adjustable, a vertical tube furnace is designed to be set at varying angles. If you need to see what happens when you place a substance in a different position, this type of tube furnace can be your best option.

Enclosed Substances

Just like the horizontal version, the vertical version allows you to keep close control over your processes. The substances are enclosed within the tube, allowing you to decide which gases are present during the process, as well as how much heat your substances are subject to. Having this type of control is critical to the success of your processes. When you work in a laboratory, being able to control the environment can allow you to test out various substances in multiple circumstances so you can evaluate the reactions.

If you are trying to decide whether you want to purchase a horizontal tube furnace or a vertical tube furnace, understanding the benefits of the tube furnace can help you make your choice. The amount of space the machine takes up is often less than the horizontal version. You will also be able to complete your processes at a variety of angles, as well as control what environment the substances are exposed to, allowing you to complete your processes as needed.

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