The Advantages of Using Hardie Board Siding on Your Home

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Cement board siding, also known as Hardie board siding, is an attractive and durable type of siding material that has many advantages over vinyl siding and cedar. Because of these many advantages, it is becoming the new standard in the siding industry for a permanent, attractive and beautiful solution. Some of the primary advantages that Hardie board siding has over other types of siding are its durability, versatility, and cost.

Cement board siding is one the most durable materials on the market. When cement board is applied properly to a home, it is even likely to outlast the owner of the home. It is a thick material that is resistant to fire, storms, and physical damage. The cause of this durability is the fact that Hardie board is made up of over 90% sand and cement. The superior design and manufacturing of cement siding makes it an excellent option if you live in an area that is prone to fires or heavy storms.

Another factor that speaks for the quality of cement board siding is its versatility. Cement board siding comes in a number of textures to choose from, and can even be color matched to the rest of your home to maintain its beauty. Cement board siding is also a versatile material to install, as it can easily be installed by home improvement companies such as Tri-State Window and Door Factory and requires very little maintenance. There are a number of diverse shapes and sizes to select from when you are choosing cement board siding, so you’ll never be stuck with a piece of siding that looks out of place.

One of the most attractive features of cement board siding is its low cost. Cement board siding is cheaper than natural stone, wood siding, and hardboard siding. This low price point is an excellent option to help you get citing that is resistant to fire, storms, rot and even pest and animal damage. If you’re interested in getting cement board siding for your home, contact a local home improvement company today to find more information on services they offer and cement board siding that they have available.

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