The Advantages of VOIP

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If you have a Reno, NV company and considering upgrading to a VOIP system, you should definitely look into the many advantages that will be option to you. VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a fairly new form of technology that allows you to make phone calls directly over the internet. Here are some of the advantages to choosing VOIP in Reno, NV for your business:

VOIP is Relatively Inexpensive

One reason why small business owners love VOIP in Reno, NV is because it will help you have money. When you compare a VOIP system with a normal phone line, known as a PRSN line, you could save up to 40% on local calls and when you add international calls into the mix, you could save up to 90%.

Not only will you save money on the phone calls you make from your business, but you will also save money on the software and hardware that are requires. You will probably already have a computer and internet connection that you can use in your company, so once you decide on a VOIP provider, you will only really need a microphone and speakers or a headset. You won’t even have to buy any expensive telephones.

VOIP Can Support Multiple Users

Another great advantage of using a VOIP system is that you can speak with several users on the same “line”. Though you can also do this with traditional phone lines, it can be quite time consuming to set up and can additionally be expensive. VOIP conference calls, on the other hand, are simple to organize and more users can join than ever before. This will also help your business to be more productive and efficient.

No Expensive Wiring

You will additionally find, when choosing a VOIP system, that you won’t have to alter the office or do any type of costly, damaging wiring to use VOIP systems. Instead, you will simply set up right from an existing connection to the internet. As long as you have a relatively fast connection, which most companies do, you should have no issue at all using a VOIP system for your business.

For more information on VOIP systems, it is best to contact a company that sells and installs these phone systems. There are several in the Reno area.

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