The Amenities That are Offered By the Active Adult Community of Golden Spikes Estates in Washington

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Old age is not synonymous with slowing down. In fact, it often means more free time since the kids are grown and out of the house. Plus, staying active both socially and physically is important to maintaining mental health. While making adjustments in your living situation is normal, finding an active community that caters to older individuals is a bonus. So, here are some of the things that the Golden Spike Estates offers to their members.

One of the things that this Active Adult Community in Washington offers is a clubhouse. Because not everyone wants to be stuck in the house all day, the clubhouse is a chance to meet, socialize and mingle with others that live in the community. It is also a place where you can work out, going swimming, access the internet, read and play games with other individuals. It is also conveniently located so you don’t have to drive anywhere to connect with others in the community.

Another thing that is offered is the ability to choose what features that you like most in the home. While energy efficiency is usually at the top of the list, more convenient things such as no stairs are also offered. Among the customization choices are what features are needed in the bathroom, maintenance free exteriors and heated driveways.

You also have the choice of picking out the square footage of your home in this Active Adult Community in Washington. Determining the space you need is a part of living comfortably and ensuring that you have the space to store all your things. If you wish to downsize, you have that option. If you want more space, you have that option as well in this community.

There are many benefits in an older community. While some may associate old age with slowing down, there is actually no reason to do so. An active lifestyle is even more important as people age. At this age, people often have more time to spend on the things that they really want to do such as socializing with friends or indulging in hobbies. An active adult community allows you to do all of that.