The Bankruptcy Attorney Salt Lake City People Turn To

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Law Services

When you owe money, it can become frustrating to answer the phone or open your mail. After you sit down to eat dinner, the phone rings and a creditor demands payment. On your birthday, the mailbox is filled with overdue bills that outnumber the greeting cards. Often you feel stressed and can’t sleep because you are worried about your financial future. Take a step in the right direction by consulting with the Bankruptcy Attorney Salt Lake City people turn to for help. Lewis Adams and Associates is large enough to have experience and small enough to offer a personal touch. You are a person rather than a number when you consult with this dedicated law firm.

During the initial consultation, you will bring documentation for the attorney to review. You might be facing foreclosure or have overdue medical bills. You may have lost your job or suffered serious health problems in the recent past. Give the attorney a complete overview of your personal and financial situation. It can help to write down a few notes to share with the attorney. The Bankruptcy Attorney Salt Lake City people consult with offers solid advice. The attorney will review options with you such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You will learn how to make a fresh financial start and move forward from the bills that are weighing you down. An attorney can help you if your wages are being garnished or your home is in foreclosure.

Waiting for the situation to get better on its own will not happen. The creditors will become more tenacious as you continue to ignore their pleas. Many people feel there is no way to move past this tough situation. A bankruptcy attorney will review ways to stop the harassing calls and end the garnishment of your wages. You don’t have to dread the phone ringing or avoid opening your mail for days or weeks. Doing nothing is not a solution. Schedule an appointment at Lewis Adams & Associates right away for a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney and find out the true meaning of experiencing financial relief in the near future.

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