The Basics of a Platinum Ring Mounting

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The platinum ring mountings are considered to be a very critical part in the design of rings. This is mainly because it generally serves as the vital point for the ring, the cradle for the precious gem which can show the world the type of relationship the couple has. Mounting refers to a technical term for engagement ring settings. It typically encompasses the head and the shoulders of the rings. Mounting is also considered to be one of the focal points of any ring since the gemstone can never be attached to the band of the ring without some additional designs. All professional jewelers value even the simplest type of mountings since it can highlight the best aspects of the stone.

Value of Metals Used

The types of metals used in ring mountings are able to affect the overall appearance of the ring. Some of the strongest metals are known to be platinum, tungsten and titanium. However, many professional jewelers prefer using platinum mainly because it offers a superb balance between the strength, cost and the appearance of a good mounting and ring combination. Since platinum is a very durable metal, the stone mountings are much stronger when compared to the other metal ring types. The alloys of platinum are about 20% denser compared to those of white gold. This makes the platinum rings more substantial and luxurious for a long lasting piece of jewelry.

The Price of Platinum Ring Mountings

In its raw form, the prices of platinum and gold metals are much the same today. This has made many people confused as to why the platinum rings are still more expensive compared to the white gold rings when sold by a jeweler. The following reasons will explain why the mountings made from platinum will cost you more:

1. The platinum metal is much denser hence more material is required to produce the same ring as the white gold.
2. It is much harder to work with platinum and an experienced jeweler is generally needed in order to work successfully with the material successfully.
3. The platinum rings cannot be reused and re-melted in the same way gold can. In case there are any scrapes or fillings, the platinum jewelry pieces must be sent back to the refinery which is very expensive.

However, this should not prevent any person from purchasing a platinum piece of jewelry. They are very durable and can be very cheap in the long term when compared to other materials that could need replaced after a few years.

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