The Benefits of Choosing Blackberry Ridge Alcohol Rehab in Lynchburg Virginia

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Every day people turn their lives around when they get professional help to overcome addiction. However, some rehab programs, such as Blackberry Ridge Alcohol Rehab in Lynchburg, Virginia, provide an especially effective program. Their facility encourages long-term recovery, by providing:

1. INPATIENT TREATMENT: Blackberry Ridge offers intensive in-patient programs that are usually about 28 days long. Support staff are available to assist patients 24/7. Individual and group counseling is included, and a specially-designed residential setting has been created to aid in recovery. Patients are also offered peer support, and learn to build a strong foundation that helps to ensure success.

2. OUTPATIENT TREATMENT: The facility offers IOP (Intensive OutPatient) therapy, which consists of three intensive sessions per week. Each one lasts about 3 hours, and are often the next step after inpatient treatment is complete. They may also be recommended when they offer the best chance of success for some psycho-social situations. Families are typically included in the treatments. Outpatient therapy is also offered for individual counseling, and as part of aftercare.

3. MEDICAL/PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT: Patients are offered medical help during substance abuse cessation. Doctors make sure that patients are stable enough for inpatient treatment, and will provide medications to aid them during treatment. In addition, physicians order blood or urine tests, oversee drug testing, and can coordinate follow-up medical care. Staff psychiatrists will consult patients when requested.

4. A STRUCTURED PROGRAM: Blackberry Ridge provides patients with evidence based treatment modules, combined with 12-step peer support. They learn to plan for sobriety, and deal with stress, anger, and emotions. The program helps them improve communications and disordered thinking. They are educated about nutrition, relapse prevention, wellness, and more.

5. LIFETIME SUPPORT: Those who complete rehab are offered free lifelong support via the facility’s portal. They are offered the chance to share successes, ask for help, and support sobriety. The program also offers additional Internet resources, and the chance to engage in forums.

Lynchburg, Virginia is home to Blackberry Ridge, a rehab facility that offers programs designed to ensure patients’ lifelong success. The facility combines cutting-edge inpatient, outpatient, medical, psychiatric, and support options that offer patients all the tools they need to meet their goals.