The Benefits of Cold Rolled Steel Tubing

logoWhen it comes to metal, there are many processes that can be used to make changes to the metal to best meet an individual’s needs. One of these processes is known as cold rolling. If you are purchasing cold rolled steel tubing for your use, it can be useful to understand what this process does to the metal. This will enable you to decide if this is the right option for your needs.


You most likely have exact specifications for the steel tubing you are purchasing. In most cases, the steel from which this tubing is made is a uniform thickness. If you require metal that is thinner than typical, you must purchase cold rolled metal tubing. This is because the process of cold rolling decreases the thickness of the metal. For instance, skin cold rolling will reduce the thickness by 0.5 to one percent. Other methods of cold rolling can decrease the thickness even further.


Cold rolled steel tubing is harder than other types of steel tubing. This makes it a great option if the tubing will undergo high levels of stress during its use. A harder metal will also last longer than a softer metal, making this type of tubing a better choice for those who are looking to decrease their costs. You won’t need to replace the tubes as often.


The process of cold rolling is also known to increase the strength of the metal. While steel is already a strong metal, increasing the strength will improve the longevity of any tubing you buy and use in your business. Again, if your tubing will go through a lot of stress during its use, having tubing that is stronger is extremely important. This is especially true when you are dealing with thinner metal, such as the thicknesses created by cold rolling.

Before you purchase steel tubing, it is critical to understand the benefits of cold rolled steel tubing. The process through which this steel goes through provides you with more benefits over a typical steel tube. The cold rolling process reduces the thickness of the metal, allowing you to use thinner tubes without sacrificing the space within the tube. The metal is also harder and stronger than typical steel, which means your tubes will last longer and be able to handle the stresses of daily use with a decreased risk of breaking.

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