The Benefits of Hardiplank in San Antonio

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When you consider re-siding your home, there are a large number of choices for you to consider. The standard aluminum and vinyl siding have always been a budget-friendly choice and have remained among the most popular siding for homes everywhere. Today, there are even more choices that are not only budget friendly but offer many other incredible benefits. One such product is Hardiplank siding in San Antonio.

Long-Term Siding

Many siding options require extensive maintenance and replacement after around 15 years, depending on its material, as well as the care it receives. Hardiplank, on the other hand, offers a 50-year guarantee on its siding with little required maintenance. In addition, you can enjoy its ability to resist rotting and insect infestation, which helps it to last longer, as well as helps you save time and money on maintenance and repair.

Fire and Storm Resistance

Storms are never friendly to siding, causing unsightly damage or even causing leaks in a home. Hardiplank siding in San Antonio offers incredible protection due to its fiber cement material. Ninety percent of the material that makes up this siding is cement and sand, giving you a hearty product that will withstand even the harshest storm with little to no damage. In addition, it provides incredible flame protection, protecting the structure in the event of a fire at your home or a nearby neighbor’s home.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you hear the words fiber cement, you might not consider it to be an attractive material, but Hardiplank can take on the look of almost any other type of siding. This means you get the best of both worlds – a hearty siding that is attractive. If you’ve always loved the look of wood shakes or cedar shingles but want the protection of fiber cement, Hardiplank is the perfect choice for your home.

When you are choosing new siding for your home, make sure to consider all your choices. If you plan to stay in your home for a long period of time, consider looking at a product that is meant to last longer and will offer your home incredible protection. Hardiplank siding in San Antonio can offer you longevity, protection and beauty, giving you an attractive new look to your home while offering the ultimate protection from the unpredictable elements. With its minimal requirements for upkeep and ability to add value to your home, it is smart choice for homeowners all over San Antonio.

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