The benefits of having double glazed windows

by | May 7, 2013 | Home Improvement

Windows perform many important functions that are often overlooked or taken for granted. Besides allowing sunlight to enter and creating an open feel to a room, windows are also utilised to block out many unwanted things. These unwanted things include gusts of wind, dust particles and animals amongst many others. However, perhaps the most important and common function of a window’s blocking power is to prevent cold air from spoiling the interior temperature of a building. Blocking out chilly air is a vital function of windows, particularly during bitter winter months where temperatures reach extreme lows. Double glazing windows are specially built to offer more protection against temperature, something that can provide huge benefits to you and your building.

The more cold air that is allowed to enter your interior, the more money you will have to spend on heating bills in order to get the building to an optimum temperature. Poorly insulated windows can leave you paying more than double on your heating bills, something that nobody wants to suffer from. As well as this, badly insulated windows often create an unpleasant chilly draft of air that can run through your home, spoiling the comforting ambience of any room immediately. So if you are contemplating getting double glazing Plymouth, it is worth learning about all the benefits you can enjoy if you choose to have them fitted.

How double glazing works

Double glazing works exactly as the name suggests – the window is formed of two separate glass panels, with a large gap in between the two that is sealed airtight. This airtight gap in between the two glass panes allows double glazed windows to insulate twice as much as single-pane windows, something incredibly useful during the chilly winter months. Much of the cold air from the outside that gets past the first glass panel is trapped in the air-tight space, leading to a much lower level of it eventually getting past the second pane.

Double glazed windows are stronger and safer

People looking for double glazing in Plymouth may also want to consider the safety benefits of double glazed windows. Because they are formed of two glass panels, they are twice as difficult to break into. This is of course very beneficial for security from thieves and burglars, but also very useful should any objects ever hit the window, such as a sports ball.

Offer much more insulation from outside sound

People living near noisy roads should definitely consider double glazed windows in Plymouth. They are capable of blocking out significantly more sound coming from the outside than single-pane windows, allowing anyone indoors to enjoy a peaceful environment without it being spoiled by loud noises from the outside world.


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