The Benefits of Installing a Wood Fence in Nassau County, NY

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Home & Garden

If you decide that installing a fence is the right option for your home, be prepared for a plethora of options. You can use materials such as vinyl or wrought iron to build your fence, buy many people have found overwhelming success in using wood for their fences. The following is a list of benefits you can take advantage of when installing a Wood Fence in Nassau County NY.

Traditionally Beautiful

Installing a wooden fence can give your home a more traditional look if that is what you are looking for. You can also easily install and maintain a wooden fence with very little effort or money. Many homeowners associations around the country list wood as their main fence material of choice. Their main reason for this choice is the heightened curb appeal that a wood fence in Nassau County, NY offers over any other fencing material.

Eco Friendly

Because wood is a renewable resource, it is much more eco-friendly that iron or vinyl fencing. Also wood is usually much cheaper that iron and requires very little maintenance to keep the original shine of the fence. If you ever need to repair your wooden fence, the price of the repairs will be significantly less than repairing a wrought iron or vinyl fence.

Reduced Costs
Installing a wooden fence over any other type of fencing can be a lot cheaper in the long run. Generally, a wrought iron fence will cost almost double what a wooden fence will. The materials for wrought iron fence are not nearly as readily available as wood, so if you need repairs done in the future you will have far less trouble finding components for your wooden fence.

If you find yourself in need of a quality wooden fence installation, you should call the professionals at All Island Fence and Railing. If you are going to install the fence yourself, All Island can help you design a layout and help you assess the cost of your fencing. They can also help sell you the materials and tools you need to complete a successful wood fence installation.

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