The Benefits of Soda Fountain Towers

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For many people, using a soda fountain makes them feel like that they are back in their childhood sittig around the counter of their favorite malt shop. With the green movement in full swing and people looking for a way to be more environmentally conscious, the soda fountain has had resurgence in popularity. Many small restaurant owners opt to have a soda fountain to serve their customers rather than use bottles and cans. This is partly due to their desire to be more eco conscious and environmentally friendly. The following are a few of the many benefits of having a soda Fountain Tower in your business.

Endless Customization

Many customers will like the fact that you have a soda fountain because it allows them to customize their drink how they want. A lot of people remember when they were kids and would take a splash of each drink in the fountain. For many adults, this desire never leaves them, which is why you will get a lot of excited customers coming through the door when they find out that you have a soda fountain. You will be pleasantly surprised at the reception that you get when you install a soda fountain in your restaurant.

Cost Effective

Another benefit of installing a soda fountain is that it will be more cost effective in the long run than using bottles and cans to supply beverages to your customers. The syrup bags that the beverages come in will produce far more soda than you will get out of buying a lot of cans and bottles. For a restaurant owner who is looking for a way to operate in a more cost effective way, a soda fountain is just what they need. The initial cost of setting up the soda fountain may be a bit pricy, but it will be worth it in the end.

Environmentally Friendly

Many small business owners have the desire to get more environmentally friendly but do not know how to start. One of the best ways for a restaurant owner to get more eco-friendly is by getting a soda fountain. The amount of plastics that have to be used in the soda bottling process is a big problem for the environment, which means that the fewer bottles that have to be produced the better it will be for the environment. You can even get recycled bags for your syrups and in most cases they are actually cheaper than normal bags.

A Fountain Tower can greatly benefit your business and your customers. One of the best suppliers of fountains is Lancer Corporation.