The Benefits of Solar Screens in Katy, Texas

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Energy bills are a budget killer for many families. A great deal is spent heating and cooling the home every year, leading homeowners to search for ways to keep these costs under control. Fortunately, with the help of solar screens in Katy TX, a homeowner can achieve this goal while improving the appearance of the residence. These screens are of great help in controlling the amount of sun entering the home. The less sun that enters, the cooler the home remains and this is seen in energy bills. However, this is only one of the many benefits associated with this product.

Reduced Cooling Load

The addition of solar screens in a home helps to reduce the burden on the home’s air conditioning system by as much as 60 percent. In fact, the screens keep the home ten to 15 degrees cooler and homeowners start recouping the cost of the screens the very first month. Fortunately, by reducing this burden on the air conditioning system, the homeowner is also better able to preserve his or her investment in the unit, as less use means a longer lifespan.

Glare Reduction

Any time the rays of the sun enter the home, damage may be done. First and foremost, this glare can make it hard to see items in the home or the television, but this becomes less of an issue when solar screens are installed. Furthermore, the sun’s rays can lead to fading of furniture, rugs, carpets and window dressings, and the screens help to reduce the risk of this also. In fact, the screens are able to block up to 90 percent of these harmful rays.

Any homeowner looking to cut his or her energy costs should consider investing in solar screens in Katy TX. The state is known for its abundant sunshine and warmth. Any reduction in the sun’s rays when it comes to the home will be good, thus this is a wise investment and one that may be of help when the time comes to sell the residence. Business Name can be of help in choosing the right screens for a residence and will be happy to answer any questions an individual may have. Contact them today to learn more.