The Blackthorn Walking Stick: Functional and Collectible

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If you are interested in a premier walking stick, the Irish blackthorn walking stick is a popular option that has a rich history. It looks a bit medieval and most say it is a great conversation piece. In addition to being highly functional, this walking stick is extremely durable. A variety of these types of sticks are available at different lengths and with varied handle types.

A Bit About Blackthorn Walking Sticks

At one time, the blackthorn irish walking stick, also known as the Shillelagh, was banned in England because it was used as a weapon or in self defense.

The blackthorn, also known as sloe, is a dark and strong wood that’s often thorny and it made for a good fighting stick.
The blackthorn walking stick is known for good looks and it’s known for its strength, too.  Blackthorn walking sticks are available in a number of styles and options. Popular options for blackthorn walking sticks include:

* Derby
* Shepherd’s crook
* Deer antler
* And more. (There are a variety of fancy handles available)

Walking Sticks: Functional and Conversational!

Many people who collect walking sticks or canes say no collection is complete without a blackthorn walking stick.  Whether you want a walking stick for a collection or really want / need to walk with it, the blackthorn’s strength, good looks, and legacy of Irish history could mean it’s an excellent choice for you.

Walking with a walking stick or with two hiking poles gives you more stability and mobility if you are disabled or have aches and pains and using one while hiking can give you more endurance as well as alleviate pressure on joints (hips, ankles, knees). The walking stick can also help you get through dense terrain by being used to push branches out of the way. It can even make your walk more challenging.

Whether you need a walking stick long term, need one short term while recovering from an accident or surgery, are interested in trying sticks out for your next hike, or you simply like the look of them and want to add a new one to your collection, there are some great options online including blackthorn walking sticks.

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