The Boston Solar Power Market: Past, Present And Future

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While the weather in Massachusetts may seem to negate it, in places such as Boston solar power is on the increase. While this American state may seem to be all lengthy winters and overcast springs, Massachusetts has been attracting companies interested in the development of solar power. In fact, it has ranked next to sun-drenched California in its solar energy market.

The Boston Solar and Wind Expo
One clear indication of the increased interest in Boston in solar power is indicated by the visit in November 2012 of the Solar and Wind Expo. The intent of this and other similar expositions is to bring together the diverse aspects of this field of alternative, sustainable energy. The result is the appearance in one place of the following:

  • Manufacturers – national and local
  • Installers
  • Lenders
  • Consumers

While the Solar and Wind Expo brought heightened awareness of power alternatives, it is not the only one of its kind.

Green Energy: Wind and Solar Power Events
Around the world, several expositions are an annual occurrence. Some focus on solar power while others look at wind and/or geothermal. Among them are:

  • SolarExpo: An exhibit or event held in Europe with a focus on solar power including PV, CSP, solar thermal and solar architecture. It is one of the world’s foremost solar energy event
  • PV Systems Expo: The largest solar power exhibition in Japan, specializes in the most up-to-date technologies for PV System integration and installation
  • Energy Now: Held in the United Kingdom it combines a conference on solar and other alternative energies with various pertinent exhibitions
  • Renewable Energy: Held in India, this is a international expo on the various sustainable forms of energy, including solar power
  • Green Energy Expo: a solar, wind and bio mass trade show
  • Solar Power International: Inaugurated in 2013, this is a North American trade show held across the country. It focuses on solar power and is affiliated or brought to life by two organizations: Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA)

Around the globe, solar energy is rising in popularity. In Boston solar power is becoming more common as people turn away from their dependency on non-sustainable and imported energy. The increase in green energy trade shows and exhibitions indicate the ongoing interest in this area. In Boston solar power is beginning to come to the fore. If you want to learn more about obtaining it for your home, get in touch with Roof Diagnostics Solar. We can help you decide on the suitability of a solar system for your home or business.